Monday, September 11, 2006

Disney music

I used to be a part of that whole "Boycott Disney" thing back when it was in its heyday and you had all of fourteen people actively boycotting Disney, except maybe at Christmas and birthdays. I think Narnia finally brought them back into our good graces.

No one can deny that, while Disney itself isn't in its prime, it has produced some marvelous works. The classic cartoons like Peter Pan and Robin Hood are fondly imbedded in many of our memories.

The theme park ain't so bad either.

But what really grabs me as I get older is the music. The theme park music, the soundtracks from films like The Rescuers Down Under, all appeal to me because A) it's good music and B) the music lets you relive those memories from youth.

I found a website not too long ago which lists a lot of music from the theme parks, including the marvelous, upbeat, positive, pro-America, patriotic song "Golden Dream" which I was able to listen to from a CD I purchased in the park.

If you want to relive some memories from childhood, or perhaps pick up some tunes from the park, here are some links for you to enjoy.

The Sounds of Magic - Click on "welcome" and then "sounds of magic."

Disney UK runs a good sound-and-music site too. Love listening to that Monorail announcer.

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