Tuesday, September 12, 2006

CNN News Alert: Water is wet

Researchers identify 'male warrior effect'

In Annie Get Your Gun, Annie sings the classic line "Anything you can do, I can do better." In the ongoing gender-neutralizing feminization of America, people are starting to believe it. Men are being castrated left and right. Programs like "Queer Eye" and terms like "metrosexual" are being pushed into the culture, and men are losing their identity as men. In essence, men are no longer allowed to be men.

Let's get this good and straight. Men and women are separate, and not equal. Women excell in some things that men do not, just as men excell in some things that women do not. Men are physically built larger and stronger and thicker. Can women also heft loads of bricks in the brickyard? Sure. Are they made for it, are they fit for it, is it ideal? No.

Likewise, women are more natural caretakers. Their generally softer disposition and inclination towards leniency, among other things, makes them closer to their children. Can men also be delicate and sensative to sons and daughters? Of course.

Neither role is absolute, but one is generally more suited to the role than the other.

Take this simple test. You are standing in front of a table which holds a Blackberry, a bottle of alcohol, a squishy ball, a whistle, and a sword. Which did you pick up?

If you picked up the sword first, my friend, you are A MAN. Or a woman with good taste.



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