Thursday, December 10, 2009

When Men Were Men

What's with men nowadays?

I've often asked myself that. And there's a plethora of paths to explore on the subject -- even just to arrive at the conclusion that something's wrong!

What I mean is this. The feminist "equality" demand outsmarted its own goals. In the eagerness to stick it to the Men by proving "anything you can do I can do better," women insisted men stop being men in order to let the ladies have a go at it.

Paradoxically, the feminist movement praised and pummeled men. It (they) insisted that men were pigs and dogs and blowhards. Then it (they) insisted that women can do the same thing, only better. Huh?

I'm not for one second suggesting support for unequal wages, discrimination, or removal of suffrage. I'm pointing out that feminism subverted the original design for men and women that was instituted in the Bible. But whether you like it or not, you have to decide what you're going to do with those verses where God declares man the head of the household. (Inevitably, there will be disagreements between two separate-but-equal partners in a marriage...somebody's got to make the final decision.) It has nothing to do with reducing a woman to irrelevance.
After all, in a perfect paradise, God looked down, frowned, said "Something's missing" and completed perfection by creating woman.

My friend Scott Ott passed along this Dockers "man-infesto" that got me thinking about this:

It was pretty rocking awesome when I saw it. And it got me thinking fondly of an era that maybe never truly was, but of which even the ideal is fading. Chivalry, manners, being a gentleman to a lady.

When walking down the street with a lady, who remembers what is the proper thing for a gentleman to do? Whatever happened to removing your hat in a lady's presence, or standing up when a lady entered or left the room?

For that matter, what happened to men wearing hats? Watch any given black and white movie, it was once standard for a man to wear a dress hat. Now, you can't even find hats like that in the stores. Used to, you couldn't get away with wearing blue jeans in church. Now, it's par for the course.

Society changes and life goes on, this I know. But I find myself (as ever) wanting to go against the tide and return to the era not only of being courtly and mannerly to ladies, nor simply wearing certain antiquated clothing accessories, but returning to an even older code of true and genuine chivalry, of respect and maybe even a little reverence for womanhood.


The Furlough Disclaimer

I doubt I have many consistent readers on this blog anymore. Maybe a few enemies who were watching, and one or two distant yawners. For each of you, I'm sorry for the long interval between posts. Life has a way of getting insanely busy insanely fast. I've launched two websites (each of which has or will be featured in major pro-gun magazines), became employed with the Federal Government™, became employed with a conservative director who has made major headlines news twice, had contact with some of the most distinguished news agencies and personalities in the business, and seen multiple other dreams take huge leaps forward.

Even though I have an archive of "draft" post ideas to post, you probably shouldn't expect a ton of them to show up in the next few months. Maybe one day I'll have all the time in the world for my fingers and my mind to dance all the dances they've been dreaming up.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Do Not Ever - Not Ever! - Forget.

Eight years ago, devourers took possession of American ingenuity and, like dead viruses that hijack living cells, used them as the instruments of hell.

They robbed the world of life, of peace and of safety.

The left a hole not just in buildings, but in our souls. Do you remember?

The flames of their hatred and malice were turned to flames that consumed our fellow Americans, and indelibly scarred our beloved homeland.

They inflicted on us and on our country the terror and torment they chose to live under for generations.

They forced the country's leaders into impossible choices between protection and liberty.

They injected the abhorrent poison of fear, strife and war into every free-born man, woman and child.

They forced the bloodshed of the bravest men and women the world has ever seen. They tore fathers and mothers away from their children...many would not return. They thrust the knife of loneliness, heartache and separation into their hearts.

Did they fully understand what they did? Maybe not. It took long even for us to understand fully what they did. For a time, Americans could only hold each other and pray for the nightmare to end.

As with old foes that ally against a common enemy, the terror and fear united us...for a time. But partisanship did not take long to reemerge. Even today, September 11, 2001 is exploited on every side for political gain. Spectres and parasites who would before have been in danger to voice their loathsome hate and glee in the face of tragedy eventually began working their toxic division on the people.

Every life changed that day has a story to tell that could bring tears...and no life was left unchanged. Our time line of history was sliced that day...our world would never be the same. Tragedy removes the walls we build around ourselves, the barriers that cause us to focus too often on all that is insignificant in life. 9/11 was a rude awakening but it was an awakening.

But we built our walls back up. So many of us have returned to apathy and slumber. We've seen the ribbons, heard the songs, read "Freedom Isn't Free" so often, and argued about the vices and virtues of war for so long hat many of us have gone back to sleep. Most of us have forgotten what we're fighting for.

I would never wish on you to live or re-live the horror of that day. But we cannot wait for another attack to wake us up again. So I'm asking you to return to that day. Go back. Remember. Go to YouTube and watch the videos. Tell the children who were too young to remember what happened. Pray for our country. Go find a soldier and thank them.

We can't ever forget that freedom truly isn't free...and how much it costs. We must never forget.

Never. Forget.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Ever Have One of Those Days?


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shadows of the Heart

(The entry title is my own, given of this work by Ella Wilcox entitled "In The Crowd")

How happy they are, in all seeming,
How gay, or how smilingly proud,
How brightly their faces are beaming,
These people who make up the crowd!
How they bow, how they bend, how they flutter,
How they look at each other and smile,
How they glow, and what bon mots they utter!
But a strange thought has found me the while!

It is odd, but I stand here and fancy
These people who now play a part,
All forced by some strange necromancy
To speak, and to act, from the heart.
What a hush would come over the laughter!
What a silence would fall on the mirth!
And then what a wail would sweep after,
As the night-wind sweeps over the earth!

If the secrets held under and hidden
In the intricate hearts of the crowd
Were suddenly called to, and bidden
To rise up and cry out aloud,
How strange one would look to another!
Old friends of long standing and years -
Own brothers would not know each other,
Robed new in their sorrows and fears.

From broadcloth, and velvet, and laces,
Would echo the groans of despair,
And there would be blanching of faces
And wringing of hands and of hair.
That man with his record of honour,
That lady down there with the rose,
That girl with Spring's freshness upon her,
Who knoweth the secrets of those?

Smile on, O ye maskers, smile sweetly!
Step lightly, bow low and laugh loud!
Though the world is deceived and completely,
I know ye, O sad-hearted crowd!
I watch you with infinite pity:
But play on, play ever your part,
Be gleeful, be joyful, be witty!
'Tis better than showing the heart.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Absolute Power (Corrupts Absolutely)

From Yahoo News: Report: Bush surveillance program was massive

"The Bush administration built an unprecedented surveillance operation to pull in mountains of information far beyond the warrantless wiretapping previously acknowledged, a team of federal inspectors general reported Friday, questioning the legal basis for the effort but shielding almost all details on grounds they're still too secret to reveal.

The report, compiled by five inspectors general, refers to "unprecedented collection activities" by U.S. intelligence agencies under an executive order signed by President George W. Bush after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks."

Batman: Beautiful, isn't it?

Lucius: Beautiful, unethical, dangerous. You've turned every cell phone in Gotham into a microphone.

Batman: And a high-frequency generator-receiver.

Lucius: You took my sonar concept and applied it to every phone in the city. With half the city feeding you sonar, you can image all of Gotham. This is wrong.

Batman: I've gotta find this man, Lucius.

Lucius: At what cost?

Batman: The database is null-key encrypted. It can only be accessed by one person.

Lucius: This is too much power for one person.

Batman: That's why I gave it to you. Only you can use it.

Lucius: Spying on 30 million people isn't part of my job description.

Batman: This is an audio sample. If he talks within range of any phone in the can triangulate his position.

Lucius: I'll help you this one time. But consider this my resignation. As long as this machine is at Wayne Enterprises, I won't be.

To President George W. Bush,

Mr. President, I am bearing closely in mind that the news media loathes you and would seek to destroy you and your legacy. I will not accept this rumor unquestionably, since I know that it is the result of a hostile news media and an administration that his hostile to you.

I am grateful to everything you did for this country in eight years. I am one of no large number of people who continues to revere, admire and respect you and the things you stood for and accomplished in office. You shouldered or were charged with so many grave responsibilities, many of which you did not deserve.

You presided over a dark day in history, the likes of which had not been seen in this country in decades. The devourers and destroyers made great headway on September 11 by striking terror into our hearts, and you stood strong when we looked to gave us strength.

You were not perfect, as no president is. People make mistakes, and you made some humdingers. Some were hammered on mercilessly by friend and foe alike, people who could do no better and who might do far worse. Some were heeded little, even though they were of greater importance.

But sir...if this report is true, I am greatly disturbed.

It's not a matter of trust, sir. I don't doubt that such a program is much safer in your hands than in the hands of someone else, such as our current president. That's not it. It's that you set the precedent. You opened a door that, once opened, is very difficult to close. It truly is too much power for one person.

The problem is, any powers that you took, that anyone takes, in the name of safety are soon enough in the hands of a those who believes in the power of the State, not of the individual. That is the problem with taking great liberty in the power and control of government, sir. Though the goals be just, the overarching problem you create is not; you leave the means of control in the hands of your successor, who can, by the same power you used, undo the good you did, and expand greater power and control.

The secrecy is also troubling. I understand well the need to fight terrorists on levels which the civilian cannot see. You told us many of the victories in this war would occur behind the scenes, underground, in quiet shadows of secret dealings. But still, would we tolerate this level of spying with our current president?

This was originally why America was founded sir, as well you know. That's what makes us so different! Other countries were founded in history, sir, history and culture. Ours was founded on philosophy, on ideals. It was conceived in liberty.

If these whispers are true, it is those liberties that took great harm by your actions. I fear for the empty machinery and vessels of control which you created for good, but which you now have no control over.

It may be late now sir, but for you, for me, for future generations of people who will be trusted with the task of governance, we must all at least remember this one truth:

The mightiest expression of power is not using it.

Yours with great respect,

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Two Outcomes (When Wolves Invade)

If there's one thing that comes close to the sheer terror of being victimized, it's observing someone else being victimized.

I was reminded of this again today when, after uploading my latest armed citizen video, and decided to search YouTube for other armed citizen videos. It turns out mine dominate the search list (and even score well on Google if you search "armed citizen"!) and have even been compiled into playlists by other YouTubers. One of the videos (911 Caller Without Gun in Home Invasion) was of a woman who was NOT an armed citizen, and only by the grace of God did she live to regret it.

Having injured herself in a car accident, and with her husband away, this woman was incapacitated when an intruder began beating on her door. She quickly dials 911, and in the time it takes police to rush to her aid (a mere five minutes), a drunken intruder forced the door, located her and began to rape her. Police were finally able to make it to the scene, and it took five deputies to secure him.

The fear and panic seeped through the speakers when hearing this. Every sheepdog instinct, every fibre in my being, wanted to be there, to protect the woman and pulverize the criminal who dared to assault her. But just as I could not be there, the police could not either, not for five minutes. As it happens, five minutes can be the rest of your life in a violent situation.

Contrast this to the video I made (Armed Citizens: Calling 911 Doesn't Always Work - turns out it's been duplicated by several viewers!), which contains the same terror, panic and fear, but also the will to survive. Rather than waiting for the police, the terrified woman was able to use a gun to neutralize the attacker.

When I see these videos...when I see the horrible things that can and do happen, and the need to protect and preserve innocent life, it is incomprehensible to me that there are those that still advocate disarming the Citizen.


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Why You Should Never Talk to the Police

A fellow sheepdog friend of mine posted two video lectures he found online regarding how -- or how NOT -- to deal with law enforcement in the event that you are charged with a crime, detained for questioning, or even interviewed as part of an investigation.

Even if you, like me, never expect to encounter police officers in a hostile situation, these are important videos to watch. This is especially true for law-abiding citizens who carry concealed or open weapons in self-defense.

And let me state plainly for the record, this is not in any way oppositional to police officers. They are brave men and women who risk their lives to promote general safety. I have gotten along with any and every law enforcement officer I have had the pleasure of meeting. (Of course, I have never been so much as ticketed for speeding either.) This is not any sort of anti-police sentiment whatsoever. This is simply sound legal counsel for anyone who may come in contact with law enforcement at some point in the future.